Annuals for Bees

Foxgloves produce attractive spikes of open, bell-shaped flowers that hang down from the tall stem. Flowers tend to be a range of purplish pinks and whites and have small freckles on their inside, there are also varieties with apricot, yellow and even green blooms. Foxgloves are usually associated with woodland plantings and look good on the fringes of a garden where they can enjoy some cool shade on their roots and the support of other plants. They are popular with bees that seek them out and are drawn into the garden by their tall spikes crowded with flowers. These flower spikes can make plants grow up to head height. Foxgloves are popular flowers that are often included in garden plantings but it is worth noting that all parts of the foxglove plant are toxic, they produce a compound called ‘digitalin’ that is a key ingredient in medicines used to treat heart conditions. If you have small children then you may want to avoid planting foxgloves.