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  • Tahitian Lime Trees

    Tahitian Lime Trees

    Beautiful, lush Tahitian Lime Trees (Standard Grade)     $79.90 each
  • Meyer Lemon Trees

    Meyer Lemon Trees

    Beautiful, lush Meyer Lemon Trees (Standard Grade)    $79.90 each
  • Tamarillo


    A fast growing small tree with blue mauve flower in Spring and bearing heavy crops of red succulent fruit in late Autumn and Winter.  Prefers full sun, well drained soils on a warm sheltered spot.  Frost tender. Evergreen.    $9.90 each
  • Pomegranate - Eversweet

    Pomegranate - Eversweet

     A compact shrub with glossy leaves and large orange/red flowers through summer.  Produces a red skin fruit with very sweet clear juice, virtually seedless, harvested in Autumn.      $17.50 each
  • Blueberry - Blue Magic

    Blueberry - Blue Magic

    High in antioxidants - this fruit will keep you young and healthy!  Plant in well-drained soil rich in organic matter and mulch well to ensure shallow root system remains moist during growing season.    $22.50 each