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  • Blue & White Porcelain Pots

    Blue & White Porcelain Pots

    Nothing is more attractive than the clean lines of blue and white porcelain.  A variety of sizes and designs available in store now!
  • Metallic Planters & Giftware

    Metallic Planters & Giftware

    For something a little different, see our range of metallic planters, wall hangings and gift ware in rich metallic black, copper, gold and silver.
  • Mesh Plant Pots

    Mesh Plant Pots

    Two sizes available, great for your bigger plants. Can even be used for kindling or small fire wood. A great modern asset to your home! Prices from $39.90
  • Bird Houses Ornamental

    Bird Houses Ornamental

    Set the scene for your winter Christmas by adding gorgeous ornamental bird houses, complete with birds and gnomes.
  • Niwashi Trilux

    Niwashi Trilux

    New Niwashi tool in stock now! The Niwashi Trilux is made out of high quality stainless steel. Designed for ambidextrous use so no need for left and right hand tools. Buy now for $52 each. Other Niwashi tools also available, including the traditional, the shark, the grubber and the digi digi.
  • Lighting Just Got Better

    Lighting Just Got Better

    Have you seen our wonderful seed lights? Choose from silver or copper wire with battery operated for $12.50 and 20m long plug-in variety at $69.90. See how stunning they look in jars or strung through your house plants! Be quick....Make your special occasion......a "night" to remember!
  • Trendy Garden Storage?

    Trendy Garden Storage?

    Garden containers, pots and storage don't always have to be dull and boring. Granted, things have gotten better over the years - we have a choice of colours and shapes that we simply didn't have when I was growing up. We stock a lovely selection of containers and pots that fit the bill for...
  • A Little Thank You For Miss (or Sir!)

    A Little Thank You For Miss (or Sir!)

    We think that these are wonderful presents to say a special thank you to your children's teachers. After all, they have spent almost as much time with them as they have you, so we're sure that you feel their pain! Something different to the usual boxes of chocolates and (though greatly...
  • Gifts Don't Have to Be Flowers!

    Gifts Don't Have to Be Flowers!

    Stuck for something to buy as a gift?  What most people forget, is that a gift doesn't have to be flowers, a plant or chocolates to be appreciated.  It could be something for that special person's garden or their windowsill.  We have a great selection of items suitable for all...