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  • Maiden Hair, Gardenias ....

    Maiden Hair, Gardenias ....

    Delicate Maiden Hair ferns and fragrant indoor Gardenia, in store now!
  • Fabulous House Plants

    Fabulous House Plants

    Come see our fabulous range of houseplants including Peace Lilies and Maiden Hair to name a few, in store now!
  • Mesh Plant Pots

    Mesh Plant Pots

    Two sizes available, great for your bigger plants. Can even be used for kindling or small fire wood. A great modern asset to your home! Prices from $39.90
  • Moth Orchids - We Love Them

    Moth Orchids - We Love Them

    There's not a lot that we don't know about Moth Orchids (Phalaeonopsis Orchids) but we invite you to come into our garden centre and test us! Basics to remember Don't over water Pot your orchid correctly to ensure there's no over watering Don't position it in direct sunlight Keep it...
  • Make It A Feature

    Make It A Feature

    We often get asked how to plant and look after indoor succulents. Use well drained soil some cactus mix compost mixed with horticulture sand to increase drainage. The roots like to suck the water out of the air not out of soil. You can spray your plants to start with, it will help them. In...
  • Instant Indoor Colour

    Instant Indoor Colour

    The beauty with house-plants is that they can give lots of beautiful indoor colour in an instant. And they are relatively cost effective too. Brighten up your day - come and have a look at our great range of house plants today.
  • Other Uses For Your Ceiling?

    Other Uses For Your Ceiling?

    Did you know that you can place your house-plants in hanging baskets? They don't have to sit on windowsills or floors - some like this, look awesome when they are allowed to trail.
  • Don't Forget The Inside

    Don't Forget The Inside

    All too often at this time of the year, we forget about the indoors busying ourselves with BBQs and pools, that's if we aren't off on the water. Don't forget about your houseplants - they can add instant colour and fragrance year round.