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  • Fertilisers For Soil

    Fertilisers For Soil

    Trees and shrubs will survive satisfactorily with little or no feeding. However, if they are fed, especially in the first year or two, they will thrive. Fruits, vegetables and flowers definitely respond to feeding, resulting in much more pleasure and satisfaction from your efforts. This information...
  • Soil Mixes For Containers

    Soil Mixes For Containers

    Not everyone has access to a lovely yard full of rich soil and abundant sunlight. For those of us in cities, container gardens—growing plants in individual pots—is often the only option. But there are special considerations for container gardens. Most urbanites, and many suburbanites, are...
  • Soil Mixes For Raised Beds

    Soil Mixes For Raised Beds

    For many dedicated gardeners, raised beds are a life-changer… You may wonder why you waited so long to make the switch! Your back will thank you: just perch comfortably on the wooden edge to plant or weed. Your knees will thank you: no more painful kneeling on gravel or mud. Your plants will...
  • The Health of Man

    The health of man, beast, plant and soil is one indivisible whole; the health of the soil depends on maintaining its biological balance and, starting with a truly fertile soil, the crops grown on it, the livestock fed on those crops and the humans fed on both have a standard of health and power of resisting disease and infection greatly in advance of anything ordinarily found in this country
    Lady Eve Balfour - 1943