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  • How To Fit Skirting
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    How To Fit Skirting

    The bane of most DIYer's lives! The quality is not perfect, however this is probably the best video that we've found that explains the process in layman's terms. What do you think?
  • Why Skirting

    This dates back to the days when gentlemen wore spurs and the walls and wall coverings were at risk should the gent stand too close.
  • Is It Pink?

    Is It Pink?

    Timber treatment in Acceptable Solution B2/AS1 has changed to a new, simpler system: If you are using the Acceptable Solution to demonstrate compliance with the Building Code, H1.2 is now required for nearly all radiata pine and Douglas fir enclosed timber framing. What’s new with timber...
  • Framing Timber Choices

    Framing Timber Choices

    We stock Two types of Framing timbers – Wet Framing and Kiln Dried (KD) Framing. Wet Framing is commonly used for fencing, decking joists and bearers and structural external supports. We stock MSG6/VSG6 and MSG8/VSG8 and in treatments up to H3.2 CCA for KD framing and H5 for wet framing...
  • Timber, Timber, Timber!

    Timber, Timber, Timber!

    Our name - Devoport Timber - should make it pretty obvious, but we sell timber and lots of it! We sell lots of it because of the quality, our range and because we give a great, knowledgeable service to our customers day after day, they come back time after time. We're well worth the visit!...