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  • GIB Hot Tips & Limitations

    GIB Hot Tips & Limitations

    HOT WEATHER CONDITIONS Setting Compounds require water to set hard. This chemical setting occurs after the specified time for a compound (i.e. a 90 minute set product, actually starts to set after 90 minutes). If the water content in the compound is lost or greatly reduced before the setting...
  • Jointing Compounds

    Jointing Compounds

    With GIB plasterboards, you need to make sure that you use the correct compound for jointing. We stock a comprehensive range of GIB® compounds that join GIB® plasterboard sheets to create a uniform finish ready for decorating. As joints can be subject to structural movement (e.g. frame...
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  • GIB Plasterboard Selector Chart
  • GIB - Kiwi Through And Through

    New Zealanders have relied on GIB® products and systems for lining, structural, fire, noise and a host of other attributes since 1927. GIB® products and systems are manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions. They are thoroughly tested to ensure all performance requirements are met...