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    The cost of electricity for households nearly doubled over the last ten years. From 2001 to 2011, electricity prices rose 87%, according to Ministry of Economic Development figures.
    Ministry of Economic Development
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  • GreenStuf - Green In So Many Ways

    GreenStuf - Green In So Many Ways

    Durable - GreenStuf® will not settle or reduce it's performance over time and is backed by a 50 Year Product Durability Warranty Fire Safe - GreenStuf® polyester insulation is non-flammable and meets all the relevant fire standards for NZBC compliance including downlights High Performance -...
  • Not Too Hot Or Too Cold

    Not Too Hot Or Too Cold

    Insulation makes your home easier and cheaper to heat by keeping the outside temperature out and the inside temperature in. Warm indoor temperatures, along with adequate ventilation, make for a drier and healthier place to live. There are many insulation options for new and existing homes, but in...
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    There are lots of ways to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer and having your home properly insulated is one of them. We have a great range in stock and are always happy to discuss and advise you as to what's best for you