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  • Pool Got A Crack or Two?

    Pool Got A Crack or Two?

    Your first response is likely to be unprintable on a family friendly website, however that crack might not be as serious or as expensive as you may originally think! First thing is to clarify what kind of crack it is? Is structural, or non-structural? Dry, slightly dry or flowing...
  • Stick & Seal? Confused?

    Stick & Seal? Confused?

    Well you don't need to be! Read on to understand the method to our madness. Wouldn't it be great if there was one caulk or one adhesive that did it all? But for nearly every job there is a specific caulk, adhesive or glue. And while they often are thought of together, they can't always be found...
  • Bostik's Range of Adhesives

    Bostik's Range of Adhesives

    Here at Devonport Timber we stock an extensive range of Bostik adhesives, fixers and sealants. From flooring to fit-out, Bostik is an international leader in integrated building solutions for flooring, tiling, plumbing, concrete repair, cladding & lining adhesives, waterproofing and...
  • There's a Glue For That!

    There's a Glue For That!

    Whatever you have to stick, fix or position, we have a glue that will do just the job. Come in and ask our friendly staff - we can't wait to help you!