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  • Best Tool To Apply Wood Stainer?

    Best Tool To Apply Wood Stainer?

    We get asked a lot 'What do you think is better, a brush, a piece of a tee shirt, or a foam brush to apply my wood stain?' It really depends on what exactly you're looking to stain, how large it is, if it's internal or external, what preparation has already been done. We stock a comprehensive...
  • What's Your Colour

    What's Your Colour

    There's no denying that colour has a powerful impact on our emotions. The colours that surround us can make us feel happy, sedate, sad, upset, etc. That's why one of the most important factors in your stain project is selecting the right colour. But with so many colours to choose from, how do you...
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  • Wood Stain vs Wood Paint

    Wood Stain vs Wood Paint

    Wood stain is a product designed for protecting wooden surfaces and giving them a decorative finish. Wood staining can be used to obtain the desired colour, to accentuate the natural beauty and texture of the wood, to imitate precious wood or conceal blue stain damage and other defects. In...