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Schlage Door Hardware Range

Are you considering a home renovation project? There's one simple detail that is often overlooked but actually makes a huge impact in the look and feel of your home: your door hardware. According to a recent survey conducted online by Hanley Wood, 41% of professional home builders and remodelers believe that updating the interior design of a home is the number one reason homeowners begin a remodeling project. Minor kitchen and bath remodels lead the list of most popular projects as well as updating most fixtures or hardware. Here are nine moments you should consider adding new door hardware to your next renovation project. 1. Update design/style Trends come and go but your personal style stays and grows with you forever. The accents and decor that matched your traditional style twenty years ago may not reflect your style today - including your door hardware. Swapping your outdated door hardware for a new style and finish is an easy project that can give your home a quick refresh. 2. Repair Are all your levers, knobs and deadbolts functioning as they were intended to? If not, you need to replace. Just be sure to check the manufacturer's warranty to see if you qualify for a replacement. 3. Just bought a new home If you just purchased a new home, don't forget to update all exterior locks and deadbolts. It's also the perfect time to swap your interior door hardware to a look that matches your personal style right off the bat. 4. To replace old, worn-out model Is the finish on your hardware standing the test of time? Worn-out, discolored door hardware can really drag the look of your home down. Again, check your manufacturer's warranty before you purchase a replacement and check out our tips for ensuring your hardware finish lasts a lifetime. 5. Part of a larger renovation project New door hardware can provide the perfect finishing touch to your latest home renovation project. Whether you renovated your bath or updated all the cabinets and hardware in your kitchen, now is the perfect time to make a final statement with a coordinating knob or lever. 6. To better reflect your personal style Don't let your door hardware become an eyesore that clashes with your personal style. If your style is contemporary and your door hardware screams traditional, it's time to make a change. Check out our style selector to narrow down the choices and find the right knob or lever for your home. 7. Tired of the old look and ready for a refresh Is your current door hardware a builder grade choice you had little or no say in? Is it severely outdated or bland? Check out these before and after door hardware transformations to inspire a simple refresh for your home. 8. Just updated your lighting or plumbing Updating your lighting or plumbing is the perfect excuse to update your door hardware as well. Choose to match the finish exactly or try something unique by mixing metals instead. 9. To adjust to your changing lifestyle Sometimes, life provides a need to update your existing hardware. Do you have a curious toddler bustling about your home? Replace your levers with knobs to prevent an easy escape. Are your kids often coming and going multiple times a day? Create peace of mind by installing a keyless lock that will notify you when your children arrive. Or maybe with age, your wrists and hands just don't work the same as they used to. Try replacing knobs that require a painful twisting motion with levers that are easily opened with a simple tap.